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When Raffi and Arsineh met in Armenia back in 2006, their stars aligned and the result was the creation of Deem Communications. At their makeshift office near the Caribbean Pool at the Congress Hotel, they created the basics for a full service communications agency. Soon after they moved to the Marriott Armenia Hotel offices and within a few years Deem Communications became a renowned brand in Armenia. Together they brought a new standard to graphic design and event management in Armenia. Arsineh however, moved on with her other aspirations, leaving Raffi as the sole proprietor of the dynamic and emerging creative agency.

The talented DEEM Team (as they are referred to) has taken on bigger bites and has implemented full out national campaigns and international projects. The team speaks over 11 languages. Combined with a diverse background and western education that blend with local know-how this makes them a unique and sought out team.

Today, located in a 2-storey suite with an awesome balcony, the DEEM team drives more ideas to the top. The three units – Public Relations, Marketing (including Event Management) and Creative – enjoy partnering with local companies, NGOs, corporations, international organisations, diplomatic missions and government agencies to create, construct and implement complex and multi-layered projects, events and branding.

Having had the pleasure to represent the German-based network, Media Consulta in Armenia since 2007 and just recently becoming the local partner for Ketchum-Maslov, DEEM thrives on building its network and consortiums globally as well as locally with business networks like AmCham, Armenian British Business Council and European Business Association.

People at DEEM not only drive ideas to the top but also are seated behind the wheel to accelerate the company and communications industry.