When I first entered the DeeM office over a year ago, my first thought was “Oh, so it is really as cool as it seemed from afar.” During the first interviews, I was asked “Do you know how off-beat agency rhythm is?”, and “Do you think you can handle the pressure and pace?”

My journalism background, coupled with my previous project management experience, gave me the confidence I needed to believe that I could handle this tornado – although a new experience for me. While my journey at DeeM made me question certain decisions at times, at no point in my journey have I thought of giving up. After a year at DeeM, I feel like I have found a home, away from home. I sought to find out more about the agency; its people, and its drive. And what better way to decipher the stories than to get to the roots? I spoke with some of my peers, and here is what they had to say.

Agency Life: Early Days

In my conversation with the Founder and Creative Director, Raffi Niziblian, we delved into stories of the past and reminisced. I learned about the actual reason for founding this agency. “…back in 2006, there was a major need for creative out-of-the-box thinking agencies that would provide advertising, marketing, and PR services to emerging companies, especially with the transitional economy. In time, the market became more mature, and educational institutions such as the American University of Armenia recommends relevant programs to generate new specialists. DeeM had established its own school and methodology with a wide network. It had already made its mark in the market. DeeM’s greatest assets were always its people, who are proudly called DeeMers,” shares Raffi.

Agency Life: Values to Live and Work By

Time flies at the agency. Raffi continues: “There are many DeeMers who came in with basic knowledge and left the company years later as full-fledged communications professionals, and that eventually led them to leadership positions either here in Armenia or abroad.” Throughout these 17 years, many issues have come and gone, but the core values still hold true. These are: respect, open-mindedness, and tolerance. Such are the criteria considered when recruiting. Raffi believes that people with knowledge are important, but they should also share our values. “I don’t think there’s a place for non-tolerant people here, as DeeM is not only a workplace, but a concept of a supportive and collaborative network,” he concludes.

Agency Life: It’s Like a Beehive

“We think, create, and strategize to drive ideas to the top!” is DeeM’s mission. I have always wondered about the specific word choice. In my pondering and self-reflection about it, I decided to cut myself some slack and turned to Anahit Hakobyan, MarComs Director, who has been with the agency for over 5 years but has had the opportunity to work as a supplier, client, and partner with DeeM for over a decade.

It is a given that each person brings significant changes with them. Anahit brought her energy and passion for doing better and working smarter. She cares deeply about work, clients, and people at DeeM. “For me, a DeeMer is an open-minded, rebellious, freedom-loving, creative, positive, empathic team player and must be a solutions generator.” One motto that Anahit is driven by is “Never give up. Everything has an answer. We just need to find it.” Anahit claims that DeeM brought a lot of happiness into her life. Over time, it helped her strengthen her strategic thinking and become a more seasoned professional. “The best part of my work at DeeM is problem-solving and the decision-making processes that help the team become stronger,” concludes Anahit.

Agency Life: An Amazing Journey.

“DeeM people are different in culture and mindset, but they all have one thing in common – intelligence,” says Anahit Akhoyan, Operations Manager at DeeM. She is charged with bringing clarity to operational assets and internal communications. “The company is interested in personal growth. DeeMers listen and give the space and necessary tools to expand one’s horizons. I became engaged in management where my voice carried clout,” recounts Anahit, “DeeM brought patience into my life, new friends, and experiences. Today, I’ve become an avid HR professional thanks to DeeM, allowing me to learn, build my capacity and experiment together with the team.”

“What have you brought to DeeM?” I asked her. She smiled and continued: “I wish to think that I have contributed to the corporate culture, especially shaping all that was developed before.” Over the past months, we have been privileged to hold “Breakfast with a DeeMer” where former team members are invited as guest speakers over our beautiful kitchen area. Hearing their stories and experiences have inspired me on my own road on this path. This is just a tiny fraction of our life, here at DeeM, filled with wild stories, challenges, and moments that make it all worthwhile. Yes, it’s a sequence of endless projects, new people, and complete satisfaction after each achieved project. I feel like I am on the wildest ride of my life and I look forward to seeing where the road will lead as every time thinking about agency life for myself, the lyrics of Michel Legrand’s famous song come to mind:

“Round like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, Never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel.”

Ani Abvoyan

True Socializer

Deem Communications

DeeMmag, December 2022