In early 2020, Deem Communications held its annual strategic retreat to plan the year ahead. Full of hope and bright ideas, the marketing, PR and creative team’s joint efforts led to the decision that this year we will offer 20 “good deeds” to the community. The first started in January with a major networking party held for our partners, colleagues and friends. It soon followed with us going out on the streets to spread cheer with our Hug Day flashmob, launch of an online game on our website called IQ2020  and so on. We were more activities for the spring-summer seasons like a design related exhibition, a tree planting expedition, creating a special song, and so much more. We had labelled the strategy as #DEEM2020. However, the world had another strategy, it had labeled COVID-19! As most of the world, Armenia fell into the whirlwind of COVID-19 and was paralyzed. For close to a month, we held our breaths hoping that this virus will soon pass and we would overcome it. However, with every passing day, with every news update from countries in Europe, Americas and Asia, the picture grew dimmer. DEEM management team, including the marketing, PR and creative teams, knew it had to rework its annual strategy and focus on its services and how they could help business in this time of crisis. We were quick to make an announcement that for the safety of our team, we would be working from home and managing all account online. A few days later, that approach became a blanketed one for all Armenian businesses.   Until we could grasp the reality of our new order, until businesses and partners revised their internal strategies as well, we were quick to draw up some supporting communication tools related to the awareness raising of COVID-19 and society’s behavioral patterns. We launched an animated clip promoting staying home  and more SM posts with a hint of humor  to lighten the mood we are also well received. We also used on our newly launched online game as a welcoming distraction for the public who were stuck at home and looking for some hope, bright colors and easy entertainment. The IQ2020 SM Contest  attracted players not only from Armenia, but the USA and Canada as well. While the design and animation team was busy with creating such content, our public relations and marketing teams were negotiating with clients and partners to move all activities from offline to online for at least the coming 2-3 months. A great example of our event management achievement was the Europe Day 2020 online event series  that included not only the formal, but non formal and entertaining components from concerts to contests and even an air balloon! Being one the leading Creative & Strat-Comm agencies, it was our intention to hold on to the team as hard as possible, care for their well being and assuring that no one lost their jobs due to the pandemic. It is with pride that we announce that no one has lost their jobs because of COVID-19. A huge leadership success for an SME that relies on clients and projects for its income. Nonetheless, our internal policy and corporate culture demonstrated its ability to overcome the challenges of the world. With the leadership of the company’s Director, known as our Inspiration Genius, Armine Zakaryan and the commitment of the unit heads Hripsime Ohanyan, Anahit Hakobyan and Raffi Niziblian, the company boasts of its optimism, and shining light. As if that was not enough, the company continued spreading “good deeds” to the community and offered the bright, hope-based message song “Aysor Lav Or E Linelu (today will be a good day)”. The music is by Haik Solar and Arni Rock  but the words were written by the DEEM team. It was performed by the same DEEM team and the video clip was conceived and written, yes, you guessed it, by DEEM team. You can watch the creative video and enjoy the song while you are reading this short article. Today, as we become for tune to the needs of the pandemic, we realize how our lives will change for the next year or 2 until we have a handle on this virus. In the meantime, the leadership of the company, the services we offer such as marketing and advertising, public relations and communications, design and animation will mostly focus on digital and virtual solutions. They may be events, campaigns, advertisement, promotion or more. We are improving our social media, digital and web development skills to allow for innovative solutions to all types of clients from financial institutions, to HORECA (challenging sector), to entertainment or diplomatic missions. We stand by our government and support with any type of support that is within our capacity to assist the quick recovery of the economy in Armenia. We are motivated, armed, and ready to drive ideas to the top… so BRING IT!

Raffi Niziblian

Creator of Dreams

Deem Communications