On a Monday morning, I got a call on my way to work just 10 minutes after I said goodbye to my youngest daughter in kindergarten. She had a fever, and the only option at that moment was to take her to my office.

I gave her medication, and we spent the day at the office with her drawing, talking to my colleagues, and having lunch with everyone while I was working. Later in the day, we went together to the doctor for my oldest son’s treatment.

I have three children. Working when you have kids is not something you are taught at school. We – working mothers – learn it as we go. As we mark International Women’s Day and celebrate womanhood, I want to reflect on how important it is for women to be recognized for their efforts. This recognition for me is not to be obliged to choose between my children and work. Working at Deem Communications gives me freedom and space for a work-children balance.

That is only one of many ways DEEM empowers women. The company celebrates women all year round through the appreciation of working mothers. International women’s day is yet another chance for us to acknowledge women’s power.

We all know that the roots of International Women’s Day (IWD), a globally celebrated holiday, are found in the labor movements in North America and Europe during the early 20th century. On March 8, we recognized the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. IWD also serves as a momentum for the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to the issues of gender equality, reproductive rights, and violence and abuse against women.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 is #BreakTheBias. We at DEEM also join the global efforts to achieve a gender-equal world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination, a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

DEEM celebrates Women’s Day 2022 with all young ladies who study hard at schools and universities to fulfill their dreams and become designers, teachers, scientists, or managers. We are proud to cooperate with female students through volunteering opportunities and internships at DEEM and create prospects for a better future for them.

DEEM celebrates Women’s Day 2022 with all working mothers who struggle twice as much to reach their goals in Armenia and worldwide. Today, many societies still consider household activities to be feminine. We see how hard they work within our company and beyond, always promoting and advocating equal responsibilities for women and men.

DEEM celebrates Women’s Day 2022 with all female leaders who become stronger by doing a great job of communicating their ideas at work. We wish to see more women leaders in Armenia, be it in business or politics, commercial or public sectors. We wish to help them in their fight for equality and against stereotypes that they face through their journey.

International Women’s Day is yet another day for recognition, empowerment, and celebration of women, their efforts, and rights! Let every one of us have a part in this important endeavor today and every day.

Our part as an organization is to make sure that women are equally mentioned and recognized in every marketing and communication material we work on, any strategy we develop, any campaign we plan and implement, any character, visual, or design we create, any product we make. We ensure the equal appearance of both females and males, exclude deepening stereotypes, and, at the same time, set the best standards to be followed. Most importantly, we believe in what we do, what we promote, and what we create. And we believe in women and women’s power!

Happy International Women’s Day 2022!

Sara Khojoyan

Impossible Mission Sorcerer

Deem Communications