Let me tell you a story about a little virus called COVID-19 that was able to travel around the world and impose its conditions on all countries!

When DEEM experts were informed that they would need to plan the Europe Day 2020 back in the fall of 2019, they were ecstatic. It had been already 4 years that they had not been implementing this very complex and multi layered event that lasted for weeks. They were quick to develop a concept, a theme, design directions and innovative solutions to take the event to the next level. As in most other cases, the planning was taking place smoothly and to be implemented in April-May (Europe Day is on 9 May ), but that little virus mentioned above had made its way to Armenia and by mid-March, all activities were cancelled or put on hold. Europe Day 2020 was not spared!

In a short span of time, following the assessment of the situation, the communication experts along with the PR and Marketing teams, soon understood that an alternative solution must be sought. Taking all activities online or to mainstream broadcast media, including TV was the resolution. The partner, in this case European Union to Armenia Delegation, was receptive and a new concept was drafted, reviewed and approved!

The creative team was able to design an event logo that was colorful, optimistic and attractive all at once. The essential component was to focus on the positive – the hopeful messages that the public much need. The following solutions were offered and implemented within a 2-month timeframe — a miracle you say? maybe.

[vc_informationbox title=”A TV Broadcast Concert”]Within a week, DEEM event management team and the PR experts reached an agreement with one of Armenia’s leading national TV channels, Shant TV. With the close and meticulous management, a list of performers were secured to sing Armenian and European covers. The concert was so well received that it received highest rating of all other TV programing of that hour. The TV channel requested to repeat the broadcast of the concert due to popular demand. It also was posted on social media platforms of the artists, the TV channel as well as the EU Delegations official pages. One of the covers, Bella Ciao  is still being shared and viewed even month slater.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”A Social Media Contest Consisting of an Air Balloon”]To engage the public and assure social distancing, the creative marketing and PR teams proposed a social media contest that will also have a high visibility component. The idea of the air balloon was genius. It catered to all the requirements and as such, also Brough smiles to the faces of those who saw it, took photos of it, entered the contest and won prizes. To ensure the engagement of a wider public, the event management team planned the flight of the balloon in Yerevan but also in Garni, Goris and Gyumri. The feedback was AMAZING![/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”A Live Online Event Connecting Armenia to Europe”]It was important to put together a dynamic 2-3 hour event that would engage, entertain yet communicate the importance of the Europe Day to the Armenia public. Our event management team was able to secure several artists that were keen on the concept of online performance. We were able to utilise breathtaking scenes of the concerts from the foots of Matenadaran to the shores of Sevan Lake. As such, we connected virtually with Iveta Mukuchyan from LA (where she was stuck) as well as DJ Kid Simius from Spain , who concluded the round of live musical performances. As if that was not enough, we engaged some of our colleagues in Berlin, Rome and Paris to join the online contest and allow the viewers to win amazing prizes. The host of the event was the well known and much loved Hayk Petrosyan.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Animated info posts and videos”]To promote the event, communicate to the public at large what Europe Day stands for, to engage the public in the online events, our design and animation team created colorful and attractive visual posts like the DidYouKnow or the infographic video  that was widely distributed on EU Armenia’s social media pages. Promotional posts also invited the public to join the live event as well as the social media contest.[/vc_informationbox]

Our team was proud of the successful completion of the event. We learned much more about online event management. We were also very happy to build new friendships during the process. The best part however was to hear the commending words of our partners at the EU Delegation and the praises to the team who was relentless and resilient in their efforts to overcome the challenges of this little virus called COVID-19.

Watch the behind-the-scenes vlog made by our absolutely amazing professional team!

Raffi Niziblian

Creator of Dreams

Deem Communications