First response to Covid-19: Speedy Digitization

The situation caused by the epidemic in 2020 was a new challenge for the whole world. Panic,  alarm and uncertainty were the public’s initial reactions, and businesses needed to act rapidly in order to carry on with regular activities, albeit in a modified manner. Public events such as summits, conferences, concerts, and festivals were canceled at first and then were considered as remote. The World Health Organization hosted the first virtual conference during the epidemic, in which Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the General  Director of the WHO, provided an in-depth talk on the healthcare emergency caused by the virus in several nations worldwide.    People who were forced to stay at home due to the coronavirus epidemic began to seek virtual trips, activities, learning resources, cultural interludes – see Google’s “Year in Search – 2020” report.

Google “Year in review 2020”

A memorable virtual achievement during the lockdown was Great Britain’s National Theatre’s NT at Home initiative, which screened 17 productions and received over 15 million views from visitors in more than 170 countries. This was a new format of entertainment for the masses, replicating theatrical moments as in live performances but through a screen, on a global scale, and free of charge (with an option to donate). It brought some redress to an art form often deemed too expensive and stuck in an elite bubble.

James Corden and Oliver Chris in One Man Two Guvnors, the first production streamed for NT at Home

The situation in Armenia and the primary response

The virus was confirmed to have reached Armenia on 1 March 2020, when the first case was reported. Like many other countries in the world, Armenia had to react quickly to the situation, think and implement daily functions remotely. Deem Communications, like many others, was quick to decide on inventive methods of working remotely and staying safe, yet effective in delivering quality services. One of the main activities that went through a major redress was the EU Delegation’s flagship event, the Europe Day 2020. DeeM’s communications experts rethought and developed and conceptualized the event by thinking outside the box. Europe Day 2020 was scheduled to take place on May 8, 2020, 2 months after the lockdown announcement in Armenia due to the Covid19 pandemic. Taking new regulations, the event was restructured as a remote one and implemented as such. Designers, copywriters, media planners, digital marketers and PR specialists worked hard to build a vibrant, positive, and engaging event with its representative visual identity that, during those days, had to communicate resilience and hope. Focusing on the positive that the public desperately needs was an essential element. The following solutions were offered and implemented — a miracle you say? Could be!   The Campaign and Events included were:
  • TV broadcast: Many of you may remember that during the epidemic people turned to more movies and TV shows. “La Casa de Papel” (”Money Heist”) was trending then. A TV concert with local artists performing some of EU countries’ favorite songs was organized. Inspired by the trends, Tyom Hakobyan, a talented young vocalist, sang the Italian guerilla song “Bella Ciao”. The full performance could be found here on the TV broadcast session.
  • National Air Balloon Online Contest: To engage the public and assure social distancing, DeeM creatives proposed a social media contest that will also have a high visibility component. This cross-sectional event included many highly populated Armenian cities, such as  Garni, Gyumri, Goris, and, of course, Yerevan.


  • Live online event: A virtual event was orchestrated, highlighting the rich tapestry of cuisines and music from diverse cultures, coupled with captivating musical showcases spanning Sevan, Yerevan, and Los Angeles. Enchanting vistas of the performances, spanning from the tranquil shores of Sevan Lake to the historic setting of Matenadaran, were readily accessible to attendees. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, DeeM creatives seamlessly connected with Iveta Mukuchyan in Los Angeles and DJ Kid Simius from Spain, adding an electrifying touch to the live musical performances. To enhance the overall experience, colleagues from Berlin, Rome, and Paris joined in an engaging online competition, offering viewers the chance to win memorable prizes.

    Iveta Mukuchyan

Women in Leadership: Perks and Challenges Nearly a year since the onset of the lockdown in Armenia, which reached its peak in March 2021, Deem Communications orchestrated a thematic hybrid event for the EU Delegation to Armenia titled “Women in Leadership: Perks and Challenges.” This unique amalgamation of offline/online elements attracted over 80 enthusiastic participants, granting them the opportunity to engage in a stimulating panel discussion. Esteemed guests included the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Andrea Wiktorin, the Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Armenia, Inga Stanyte-Tolockiene, UNDP Resident Representative, Mihaela Stojkoska, and Armenia’s sole female mayor, Diana Mnatsakanyan, Mayor of Etchmiadzin. This event stands as a model and practical experience for orchestrating a hybrid discussion, seamlessly integrating offline and online elements while adhering strictly to all pandemic-related regulations. It epitomizes a real-life demonstration of embracing opportunities and adapting to the often peculiar and unforeseeable circumstances presented by the crisis.  

IQ 2020 game

Even though Deem Communication’s game IQ 2020 was launched in February 2020—during a COVID-19 crisis and particularly during the most challenging periods of the lockdown—many of the people who were forced to stay at home found it an interesting and catchy one. It was crucial to offer something that would entertain and educate the individuals who were stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak. The sections of “Art,” “Architecture,” “People,” “Place,” and “History” formed the entire content of the game’s questionnaire. Participants could test their knowledge of the abovementioned topics by registering on the website. Three levels constitute the game. The participants choose and respond to questions randomly by . Every level demands more complex and in-depth knowledge than the one before it, making it increasingly difficult overall.A competition was organized within the game’s framework, and the winners won a variety of prizes. Despite launching Deem Communication’s game IQ 2020 in February 2020 amidst the COVID-19 crisis, notably during the most challenging phases of lockdown, it garnered significant interest from individuals confined to their homes. Offering both entertainment and educational value, the game aimed to engage and enlighten those affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Divided into categories such as: Art, Architecture, People, Place, and History, the game’s questionnaire encompassed diverse subject matter. Participants accessed the game via the website, navigating through three levels where questions were answered randomly by spinning a wheel. Each successive level demanded greater depth of knowledge, progressively intensifying the challenge. Additionally, a competition was integrated into the game, enticing participants with a variety of prizes for the winners. Resilience and Positive Thinking In times of uncertainty, swift thinking becomes our beacon of guidance, illuminating the path forward. It’s the resilient mindset that transforms challenges into opportunity. Amidst the backdrop of the pandemic, when the entire global community grappled with a shared adversity, feelings of uncertainty and despondency loomed large. Yet, in the face of crisis, it’s crucial to embrace optimism over surrender. This is the essence of DeeM’s motto: to behold the silver lining, to stride purposefully towards it, and to drive ideas to the top.          

Maria Chichakyan