Communications is one of the mankind’s greatest talents. Without communications, we could not resolve challenges and obstacles, especially the collective ones that require collaboration, organization, engagement and team work.

Over the past 15 years, we, Deem Communications, have strived to establish a solid ground for the evolution of professional communications in Armenia. From establishing a top notch school of event management to marketing and advertising campaigns, to branding and, most importantly, building strategies, without which any communications efforts are quasi futile.


Armenia’s leadership over the past decades has attempted to use various ways of communicating their activities to the wider public, from informative to coercive and even propaganda. It had become quite evident from the early months of the most recent leadership that there were genuine challenges of tackling the communications spectrum from ministries, individuals and/or committees at the parliament and even at the highest level. These challenges became more detrimental during the pre-war, during and post war months when communications was botched and the information flow was manipulated allowing for hijacking and exploiting the messages; especially with the free use of social media and digital platforms.

The same could be said for the Trump administration. Well, not really, he actually was the one manipulating the messages through his personal Twitter account (which understood the dangers and decided to ban him forever – always downplaying major issues like the BLM or discrediting mainstream media and respected journalist by claiming that their portrayal was fake news. Trump and his team knew very well the power of media and were on top of it with all their potential – unlike the Pashinyan team who were more on the defensive than the offensive of the communications battle.


Nonetheless, with the arrival of the Biden/Harris team in the USA and with the newly announced broadcast licensing in Armenia, it is safe to say that there may be some hope to salvage the narrative and regain the upper hand of respectable communications that adds value and allows for the democratic process to flourish.

In this light we want to congratulate the newly appointed Ike Hajinazaryan as the White House Regional Communications Director.

Ike Hajinazarian most recently served as the Western Pennsylvania Regional Press Secretary for the Biden campaign after working on the campaign in communications roles during the primary and general elections in New Hampshire, Nevada, Texas, Ohio, and other states. Prior to joining the campaign, he worked on Capitol Hill, first as Press Assistant to Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and later as the Deputy Press Secretary on the House Homeland Security Committees Majority Staff. Born in Columbus, Ohio to Lebanese-Armenian immigrant parents, Hajinazarian is a graduate of Indiana University and the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management.

Ike Hajinazaryan-and-Joe-Biden
Photo courtesy Zartonk Media.

We also want to congratulate all the media outlets, many of whom DEEM is happy to be collaborating over the past decade and a half. We look forward to more quality programming, more made-in-Armenia content and more professional and successful teams!

Here are the winners of the most recent competition for licensing for broadcasting in Armenia:

National Broadcasting:

  1. Armenia TV
  2. Husaber / Yerkir Media
  3. Shant TV
  4. A TV
  5. Multi Media / Kentron TV

Capital /Yerevan only:

  1. Shark / TV5
  2. Armnews
  3. Arpi Media
  4. Freenews
  5. Dar 21
  6. Nor Hayastan

Raffi Niziblian

Creator of Dreams

Deem Communications