New ways for brands to engage with customers

In today’s wired world, it is nearly impossible to succeed without digital marketing. This is how most businesses interact with their customers in the virtual world. It is the best way to communicate their brand’s narrative in a sincere and visually engaging way. Digital marketing offers a unique opportunity to gauge your product in real-time. It has never been easier for any business to make a lasting impression through new and easy digital marketing strategies.

Here are three fresh marketing strategies and resources to get you going in that direction:

Social Networking Tools

Our experience shows that social media is a top marketing medium for companies today. Ideally, the use of all social media platforms that are appropriate, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram, should be considered within a solid digital marketing strategy. The choice of platforms is reflective of the target audiences and the products or services offered.

Advice: make an inventory of your SM platforms today and analyze the results to re-strategize, if necessary.

Building a Virtual Community

The term “community” has forever meant a social group with similar values, aspirations, and behaviors. It is the same for the SM world. SM marketers must create vibrant, selective, and inclusive communities. The success of an online social network presence will depend on the active engagement of the community and its scope. A large following will increase the reach and coverage.

Advice: take your time and build the optimal SM community by managing the conversation and the main topics being discussed to ensure the relevance and healthy messages of your followers.

Content Marketing Methods

Connecting online with audiences is the essence of digital marketing. Content marketing is among the most effective strategies that marketers have found to accomplish this. While it should be included in the overall digital marketing strategy, content is its own beast and demands careful planning. In principle, it’s the messages and values that a company wishes to share with its clearly defined targets. Ideally, it will help both attract and retain the audience, especially if it is consistent and relevant.

Advice: Content should always have a CTA which will inevitably guide and direct the followers’ actions (visit the website, reply to a question, use the promo code, etc)

Certainly, there has been a great deal of change in the world, and it is probably not something anyone imagined would happen at any point. It is safe to say that consumer demands, requirements, expectations, and everything in between have been altered to fit into the new standard. Adapting and evolving with the changes are two important things we have to do in order to stay on track. The following are some of the most effective tools for appealing to consumers in the digital age.

SEO – One of the most crucial digital marketing tools is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Businesses should concentrate on website optimization to increase their online visibility. Your chances of being found by target audiences increase as you rank higher in search results for keywords associated with your business.

GOOGLE INSIGHTS TOOLS – Google developed a special website that displays demand trends to hotels and other players in the travel industry – Travel Insights with Google. It assists the hotel industry in its rehabilitation process. Hoteliers can easily determine where and when the demand (booking) for their hotel is highest by using the tool “Hotel Trends”. Another technique is called “Destination insights”. With the help of this tool, businesses will be able to plan better.

EBLASTS – Through this method of marketing, customers on email lists are informed of new items, services, or discounts. Mailing customers to inform them of details of new launches including any appropriate information or discounts and coupons will build further engagement.

TOOLS FOR OPTIMIZING CONVERSION RATES – By collecting data about a website and its visitors, conversion rate optimization tools will help increase a website’s traffic and users. Also, to increase conversion, a company can test adjustments and put them into practice. You can find some of the best conversion optimization tools here.

Deem Communications has been developing and implementing SM strategies since 2009. From marketing and communications to branding and storytelling, the professionals at the agency have ample experience in how to optimize the value of online and digital marketing. Sue Badalyan is a former Digital Marketing Manager at DeeM.

Sue Badalyan

Former Digital Marketing Manager

Deem Communciations

DeeMmag, December 2022