Talented, creative, authentic, innovative, inspiring, and diverse… Meet the youth we at DEEM love working with. We enjoy unveiling and further developing their potential, crafting and fueling their creative vibes into further opportunities for personal and professional growth!

We are happy to tell you about them on this very special day – Youth Day – celebrating their potential, achievements, vibrancy, and creativity!

[vc_informationbox title=”Knar”]Knar is an intern at DEEM’s department of Public Relations. She is a recent graduate of International Business Communication and was excited to join DEEM. “My background is rather academic. I knew how to conduct research in the field of communication, but applying theory into practice interested me too”. Knar chose to pursue a career in communication because, as she says, she didn’t see herself doing anything else. “I love every aspect of my profession.” If Knar has free time, you can usually spot her at museums and galleries. “I don’t know whether you could call it a hobby, but I’d say I like exploring new things when I have a chance, be that a new museum, cuisine, or city”. If you ask her what she would do forever without getting tired of it, she’d say “exploring new cultures and cities”.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Mary”]Mary is a PR associate at DEEM. She studies English and Communication at the American University of Armenia. “I decided to pursue this career because I love writing”. If you ask Mary what is the activity she could do her whole life without getting tired of it, it would be yoga. “Yoga brings peace to your mind. It’s the most effective stress reliever for me. It’s not a hobby, but a lifestyle. It helped me to better manage my thoughts and gain power over them”.  Mary often finds inspiration in books. “I’m a hopeless romantic and often turn to pieces of modern literature to relax and enjoy my free time.” When we asked Mary what her favorite book was, she replied right away that it was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Lilith”]Lilith is an intern at the marketing department of DEEM. “I think that creativity and freedom act as oxygen for marketing. I want to have a career that is open to new ideas and experiments.” Lilith has been active in sports since she was a child. Her most recent hobby is skating. “Last year I realized that it would be cool to learn to skate, so I bought a skate the next day. I hope to be able to do tricks one day too”. Her father is an editor for a news outlet. Lilith enjoyed watching him work since she was a child. “I got inspired from him and started writing short stories and documenting events that happened to me and my friends”.  That is how storytelling became a part of Lilith’s life. “I think it’s awesome to make a story out of your own life. It becomes so much more interesting.” Later Lilith became interested in photography, and now she also visualizes her stories.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Aramayis”]Aramayis is an intern at the marketing department of DEEM. He is majoring in business administration. This is what marketing is for Aramayis. “For me, it is a science. I admire the scholars working in this field and doing consumer research”. Aramayis thinks that a targeted approach is key. “Marketing specialists prioritize the consumer. I want to be a professional that showcases the product to the target that really needs it”. Aramayis usually devotes his free time to self-development. Books on neuromarketing and psychology have become a part of his life. He also enjoys learning about visionary art. “Visionary art goes beyond the boundaries of human consciousness. It is way harder to understand. I see nobility in that”. His favorite artist is Jackson Pollock.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Arpine”]Arpine Kirakosyan is a PR coordinator at DEEM. “My background is in communication. I think it’s awesome because it can be applied everywhere from professional life to relationships”. Arpine is also a filmmaker. She directed the music video of DEEM. “I get bored easily, but I’ll never get tired of filmmaking. My favorite director is Federico Fellini because he did what I always wanted to do: he perfectly described dreams in the language of film”. Arpine tried out many sports and arts when she was a kid, but it was at university when she finally subscribed for a dance class. “We dance under Latin American music. It’s lively, joyful, and I have so much fun”. Our favorite illusion artist also is a wanderlust. “I love traveling. Before I would usually travel within Armenia, however, later I discovered exchange programs. I visited Sweden, Norway, the US, and China. I really hope to visit some tropical islands in the near future”.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Vardan”]Vardan is a creative associate at DEEM. If you told him a few years back that he’d pursue a career related to photography, video production, and design, he wouldn’t believe you. Vardan’s wall is all covered with medals and certificates for sports. “I tried almost all sports, from swimming to judo and karate”. I discovered art as my passion at TUMO center. “I liked every aspect of creative industries”. If you call Vardan and he says he’s not holding a camera or graphics pen in his hand, he is probably cooking. “It’s so cool for me to see how I progressed from an omelet to enchiladas in a literal sense. I would make omelets almost every day and by slowly modifying them I got an enchilada”. Vardan wants to further his skills in sketching and design. He is the author of the amazing pictures you see now. “I have a message to young people. Don’t listen to people telling you that you have to choose one profession and be successful at it. You can do multiple things and advance in all of them.”[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Berta”]Berta is an intern at the creative team of DEEM. She will start studying design this September. “I always liked drawing and sketching. At TUMO, I followed many courses related to creativity and the choice of the profession was evident to me.”  “I like the freedom you have in creative industries. You can create everything that comes to your mind. Every idea is feasible. You don’t have any limits”. In her free time, Berta usually studies something new about humankind and psychology. She thinks that psychology opens the path towards self-development. “We have a lot of books about psychology in our house, and I read them all. Now I’m taking a course in clinical psychology to learn more about theory.” Berta has many interests and new things she wants to try like horse riding, for example. “I’ve also always been a fan of chess. I search for people to play chess with all the time”.[/vc_informationbox]
[vc_informationbox title=”Irina”]Irina is a graphic designer at DEEM. She started with creating banners and designing social media posts as an amateur but later decided to specialize in graphic design. “I enjoy executing my ideas in a visual manner.  I enjoyed learning graphic design. That’s why it was easy for me”. Irina’s favorite hobby is singing. “I was born in a family of musicians and used to play the flute. In my free time, I compose songs and do covers of famous bands with my friends.” Irina also likes star gazing. “When I saw Antares, one of the brightest stars in the night sky and learnt how small the Earth is next to it, I realized how small our problems are. I remind myself about this fact every time I face an obstacle”. [/vc_informationbox]