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Environmental Awareness Campaign: Reducing Plastic

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2019 | Plastic is becoming a huge ecological burden for the Earth and countries are trying to reduce its usage. Armenia is not an exception. The Ministry of Environment in partnership with DEEM have launched an environmental awareness campaign for reducing the usage of plastic bags: one of the biggest plagues to the environment. To encourage people to use tote bags instead of plastic, DEEM came up with an outstanding message and design for an outdoor environmental awareness campaign. The visual for the outdoor ads showcases a stylish lady carrying a tote bag as a new trend. Another biggest environmental challenge facing the country is the extinction of the Caucasian Leopard.

Our Work

DEEM created engaging visuals for outdoor and social media campaign for reducing plastic. It promoted saving those rare graceful species and preventing their extinction. As well as towards raise awareness about the new financial regulations of the Ministry for that cause.