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Europe Day 2020 Communication Campaign

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2020 | Although months of meticulous planning and preparations are essential for effective event management COVID-19 pandemic proved the flexibility of a creative mind in finding new formats even during a lockdown. Since late 2019, specialists at Deem Communications Agency were busy preparing for large-scale public events as part of the Europe Day campaign to be implemented in May, 2020. Little did we know that COVID-19 pandemic would arrive in Armenia in March of 2020 with a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the pandemic. However, even so, DEEM, as a full-service strategic communications agency, could not home-sit with hands crossed and embarked on developing a brand-new concept for the Europe Day 2020 campaign. A successful mingle of online and offline campaign components marked the celebration of the Europe Day 2020, which generated an increased engagement and coverage in Armenia. Adapting to the restrictions of event management during quarantine and organizing a big online event in a short span of time was extremely challenging and here is where DEEM portrayed a flexible flow of creative thought and collaboration. The team carried out innovative solutions to transfer the event activities to the mainstream broadcast media and social media platforms. Besides interactive and animated SM posts to capture the audience, A TV concert featuring a selection of Armenian and European favorites was quickly put together in close collaboration with the media and artists broadcast on Shant TV channel and shared on the official social media pages of the performing artists, the TV station and the EU Delegation to Armenia. Furthermore, a dynamic live, online event, hosted by artists and celebrities took place on social media platforms, that also included live interactive contests and awards for audiences. The live event included an invitation to a virtual tour of Armenia and Europe where the audience was warmly greeted by renowned singers and performers. Finally, to ensure a high visibility, the crown jewel of the event was the production of a branded air balloon decorating the skyline of Yerevan, Garni, Goris and Gyumri. It invited people to a social media contest to win prizes by posting photos, tagging the EU Delegation and using the campaign hashtag. Here is how Deem Communications withstood the challenges dictated by the pandemic and concluded a successful online campaign thanks to the resilient staff and encouraging partners at the EU Delegation.