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Le Village de la Francophonie en Arménie

event management

2018 In 2018 Armenia has been chosen as the host country for the Francophonie 2018 Summit. Armenia, a country which did a Velvet Revolution without any blood and violence, was going to do its best to attract everyone’s attention to the Francophonie 2018 summit so it was important for Armenia to show the world the creativity and inner soul of Francophone Armenia. Francophonie 2018 was going to bring officials and heads of state from 84 countries to Armenia on October 11. Deem Communications has undertaken the preparation and furnishing of the Pavilion of the Francophonie International Organization of La Francophonie located at Yerevan’s Liberty Square on the request of the International Organization of Francophonie. Within the scope of the project, Deem Communications was responsible for the design, furnishing and logistics of the pavilion, as well as the safety of the pavilion and the uninterrupted process of the measures envisaged in that section. During the 5-day event, many citizens had the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the Francophone member states, communicate with more than 20 states and feel the pleasure of becoming a member of Francophonie.