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Let’s Do Something Campaign

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2019 | The Let’s Do Something is a nationwide community service campaign that brings together citizens and the government to achieve common good in one’s community. Local CSOs, youth groups, municipalities and citizens of all ages are encouraged to serve their communities by implementing activities that their village/city needs. The Gyumri Holiday Market of December 2019 created a festive and positive holiday mood in Gyumri and all of Shirak region with the distribution of Eco Briquette to needy families by volunteers. Deem Communications has led the strategic communication of the Let’s Do Something initiative and has developed its branding as well as the communications throughout social and mainstream media. DEEM supports the raising awareness of ASI (Armenia Support Initiative) among the general public. DEEM also provides event management, photo, video and print production services to ensure the visibility and success of the initiative be it for showcasing the completion of activities for fundraising for new ones.