Lori La Armenia

event management


Together with a group of 5 artists, Lori flamed up the Armenian stage with Spanish passion at an amazing concert, organized by DEEM. It was the first time Lori was performing for such a large audience in Armenia, which was a bit risky step by DEEM. Yet it was rewarding to see the concert hall full of the happy and excited audience and simply to know that people still like discovering talents that are unfamiliar to them. Lori La Armenia, a top flamenco dancer of Armenian descent, comments on the connection between Armenia and flamenco.

Just like snowflakes, there are no two flamenco performances alike as each dance conveys different emotions. Each performance tells a different story. In Yerevan, Lori showcased a totally different flamenco. She showed that what may seem unharmonious at first sight can be awesome in the end. Lori combined passionate flamenco with graceful Armenian dance moves to traditional gipsy rhythms and Armenian duduk. A bold thing to do, right?