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Maker of Magic

After finishing her student exchange program in France, Anahit returned to Armenia and started her career at the French company “ICS Performance” while completing her studies. She then moved to“Apaga Technologies” where she took her first steps into the tech world practicing Sales and Marketing for the IT company. 

With her friends, Anahit founded and managed an anticafe called Aeon, which was a revolutionary concept for Armenia at the time. Here, she organized more than 50 conferences, master-classes, talks on different topics from robotics to business and architecture.

That is when she also founded “Hartak festi”, a series of discussions and workshops on creative industries and community development. This festival also allowed her to discover the beauties of the regions of Armenia and develop her tourism skills.

After compiling an amalgamation of experience and lessons learnt, Anahit finally found her new home at DEEM as the companies Operations Manager. Anahit brings a new outlook to the agency that adds to the colourful flavours of the dynamic team. At DEEM, she has the opportunity to experience her empathy, flexibility and out of box thinking.

Anahit is passionate about healthy living and Armenia’s unique nature. She enjoys hiking and visiting rural population for home grown produce and enlightening discussions. She truly carries the spirit of the lands and mountains and shares I abundantly with her fellow DEEMers.