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Goddess of Miscellaneous Miracles

“The positive energy I receive from people is enough to revive my muse,” says Ani, Project Manager at DEEM Communications. Driven by the variety of services and concepts at Deem, our Ani gets her inspiration from the people surrounding her, whether at home or at work, moreover, she has been practicing the art of multitasking throughout her career.  With a life slogan “You create your own opportunities”, Ani has lived for around eight months in Greece after graduating from the Spanish branch of YSU Romance and Germanic Philology faculty. Living in a foreign country, she took Greek language courses to better get acquainted with the culture and people. Furthermore, to keep herself entertained, Ani got a job in a lemonade and juice bottling factory in the department of labeling and stamping.  Before finding her way to DEEM, Ani worked in a real estate agency, not only handling their clients but also tackling some law matters. To satisfy her creative needs, she spent five years working as a Project Manager at the “Literary Ark” annual festival under the Ministry of Culture. So, how did she end up at DEEM? By either fate or coincidence, in 2019, Ani met Anahit Hakobyan, our Marketing and Communications Director, at one of the events that she had implemented for Yeremyan Projects, and they hit it off right away, or so the story goes.  Since 2006, there have been only two months during which Ani didn’t work. She finds good time management skills crucial for improving one’s performance and producing better quality work. “What I love about DEEM is that one day you’re working on a branding project, the other you are planning an event. But what I appreciate the most is that I learn and practice new things here every day.” Confucius once said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This saying is closely correlated with Ani’s point of view, as she considers her job a hobby as well, as she enjoys it so. Aside from that, dancing, playing the piano, and singing karaoke with her husband and daughter are among those free-time activities she is fond of. Reading has become such a massive part of her lifestyle that sometimes she forgets to mention it as one of her hobbies. “However, currently, my daughter is my favorite hobby.” Time and time again, people have referred to her as “the Ani who always smiles”, and there have been countless times when she has been asked about her secret of never-ending energy. No wonder her daughter’s smile is what inspires her the most and makes her forget about everything.   
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