First Impression Fairy

“Everything goes away and family is the only community that always stays with you”. If you dare to describe Anna in two words it would be this way: “Family first”!

When it comes to the goals Anna is all about planning every small detail beforehand. She knows exactly what she wants and what she has to do to reach her goals. The meaning of life for Anna is to be able to look back and confidently state: “There is nothing to regret about my past”. She learns and improves herself each time she takes for new tasks because she understands deeply the invaluable personal growth we experience after every new challenge we meet. Overcoming challenges is her tacktick for personal growth.

For Anna trust within the family members, within friends and colleagues is top priority. “When there is no trust nothing can be build up”. This is the truth which people deny and thus people of the modern world have completely lost their inner selves.

Gratitude is not simply something that we externally share with others. It is an attitude that we live with every day. Too many times we skip on the “Thank you’s” because something has happened so often it’s become routine or we figure the person already knows how thankful we are for them. But… they often don’t, and even if they do, telling them directly will warm their soul and make their day.

Anna admires kindness in people and small things that we usually skip. She values close relations with others, in particular those in which sharing and caring are reciprocated. As a psychologist she knows what makes other people tick and she will do her best to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone. But she will expect respect and gratefulness to be given back. To put it short, she will not let anyone to take her efforts for granted and what is most important this girl knows her value.

Although she likes water she is sure that she would definitely reincarnate as wolf in the next life if it were possible. Wolf is an extremely gregarious animal, enjoying the company of others. When it comes to relationships there is no two ways: either it’s gonna be a true one or nothing at all.