10 Koryun 1st bystreet, suite 31
Yerevan 0025, Armenia +374 10 547 211



Czar of Creativity

Large headphones, black-rimmed glasses, graphic tee and vintage sneakers!!! Yup, this is Melo – DEEM’s graphic designer. Although Melo has already managed to successfully get married, is a proud father of 2 and runs 2 successful start-ups- a street style clothing line brand and home décor design – he tries not to take himself too seriously. He is one of the most humble team players at DEEM. “I am just trying to be a human” – he says. His ultimate strategy for self-improvement is just constantly looking around and examining the details of the surrounding world. One thing that not many people know about Melo is that he is interested in Dadaism, which is a form of artistic anarchy. Melo is passionate about sleeping and interacting with kids: “That is the only happiness I enjoy doing”. For Melo, his biggest achievement is aspiration for becoming a better human being. And guess who Melo’s personal hero is? His grandfather! And the reason is that he has red cheeks and he never talks randomly. “Also, he taught me to be careful about people and what I do appreciate most of all is that he was the one bathing me when I was a kid”.