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Impossible Mission Sorcerer

Sara values the tangible skills of writing and storytelling that she has been practicing for years. She also believes that emotional intelligence is one of her strongest assets. After graduating from the faculty of Journalism at the YSU, Sara completed a certificate program in Journalism Trends and a short course in PR, and now she is an EU expert at Deem Communications. “Being a part of the DEEM team and having the opportunity to work with the EU communications team directly is a valuable experience that allows me to improve my qualifications.” Her career kickstarted by publishing a few articles in a newspaper in 2005 for a university capstone project. Subsequently, Sara had an opportunity to work with one of the first online newspapers in Armenia, practicing western journalism here, publishing news digests, feature stories, and so on. “I was in the 7th or 8th grade when I came across a Brazilian soap opera about a journalist fighting to unearth the truth for the public. That is what inspired me to pursue this career.” Sara believes that “happiness is a choice” and that spending time with her kids is the most rewarding activity in the world, although it can become draining at times. “They both give and take from you, and that is the beauty of it,” adds Sara. In her free time, she loves reading books and immersing herself in her own world. That leads to the situation when people mistake her for being an extrovert, but she claims to be an extroverted introvert (or ambivert) who loves staying alone the most.