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Discourse Mastermind

Sona is the PR and communications guru of Deem. Well-versed in research, creative writing and translation, she is responsible for creating compelling “copies” for most of the DEEM’s projects. Since joining DEEM team Sona has mastered her skills in digital media and video production by managing a variety of multimedia projects for partners such as UNICEF, the European Union, Council of Europe and more. When asked to describe Sona, DEEMers say that she is an intelligent and highly responsible team player with a huge sense of responsibility. Sona is the one who always delivers great results by constantly evolving and updating her skillset. When it comes to important events, such as media briefings and conferences and opening ceremonies her definite brand look is little black semi-business dress and classic red lipstick combined with a charming smile. History and arts are her passion, while workaholism is her secret hobby which she has inherited from her father. “Since early childhood I remember my father working all the time both at the office and home, working on various projects simultaneously and I have never heard a word of complaint from his mouth”. Sona is all about harmony, support and inner balance. “Achieving inner balance is only the first step. The hardest part is being able to keep that balance”. Her husband, sister and her family are the core pillars that help her to sustain her world in balance. Sona is sure that she would definitely reincarnate as a cat if she had a chance. And, yup, she has got a superpower- it’s her ability to move through time and space like Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz.