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Divergent Thinking Champion

“It happened so that I have ‘crossed paths’ with DEEM in a pivotal period of my life when I decided to leave Armenia forever.” Sue, our Digital Marketing Manager, claims that DEEM makes her feel alive. With a master’s degree from Russian-Armenian University (RAU), Sue is passionate about everything in digital marketing. She appreciates countable and measurable work, as it allows her to evaluate how successful she is, which, in turn, creates space for more learning and improvements. “Learning is a lifelong process, and we should never stop learning,” says Sue.  An archeological research internship at RAU, which resulted in publishing a book, was what kickstarted a branch of her marketing career – research. Sue has advanced in it while working at a company named “MegaJack.” For more than four years, she was developing digital marketing campaigns targeted at the countries such as the USA, RUS, the UK, and UAE.  “What I disapprove of the most in life is stagnation. Working in the same industry for a long time can create limitations for a person. I am fond of novelty and constant updates.” Besides being enthusiastic about marketing, Sue has also been learning graphic design on her own and using it in practice for over four years. She finds it to be a crucial component of the industry and considers it imperative for a digital marketing specialist to be familiar at least with the basics. So, who is Sue outside of her “Divergent Thinking Champion” shell? Creating electro music and drawing on canvases are her free time friends. On top of that, Sue has a special place in her heart for animals and owns cats. One of her anti-down-to-earth aspirations is to live in Australia and volunteer to help endemic endangered animals. What she would like others to know about her is that, even though she is inspired by the psychology of people, and her job is to work with them, she is a firm believer that humans are not the epicenter of the world.