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Visual Junkie

“I usually advise my friends not to give up until they find satisfaction through constant learning and searching.” Tigran, a junior student in the Marketing Department of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, is passionate about graphic design. In addition to his degree, he has taken UI/UX courses on his own to feed his passion. “DEEM helped me greatly improve my teamwork skills as well as my sense of responsibility.” Tigran’s sister and her creativity inspired him to choose a career as a graphic designer. That is where he got the incentive to choose the career of a graphic designer. What kicked it off was working as a freelance graphic designer for multiple companies while studying at the university. “For me, the professionalism in the work environment, as well as the ethics, are two most important factors for choosing a workplace; DEEM has it all and more.” One of his hobbies is playing poker with his friends. According to Tigran, he enjoys the secretive elements and the mysterious factors that come with the game. He is also passionate about collecting interesting objects, for example, unique clipper lighters, and he is very proud of this particular collection. He finds beauty in simple things and loves giving special meaning to ordinary, everyday life objects.