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Dispeller of Myths and Bad Ideas

Vahagn is the “renaissance” guy from the marketing unit at DEEM. He always multitasks with unbelievable speed.  He is an ultimate doer who hates vacations and any free time when he has nothing to do. When he is done with his tasks he would definitely create some more tasks because breakes are not for him. When he drives long distances he likes to debate with Rudolf- his car toy- just to make himself busy. Vahagn is all about punctuality and simplicity. If you are going to collaborate with him you have to follow the standard: just keep it simple and be punctual. “Collaboration and communication” is his strategy. When it comes to risk-taking Vahagn is all for calculated risk-taking thanks to his solid background both in natural and social sciences. His strategy is to never postpone anything for the next day: “If you can do it today so just do it today”. Vahagn is definitely a family guy. He feels responsible and has a great sense of duty towards his family. The best thing he has learned from his parents is the ability to understand and to let it go. When it comes to family he puts it this way: “Family are those people who take care for you when you don’t yet have skills and experience to take care of yourself.” His passion is the speed and the dynamics of the process. He can’t stand laziness and slow motion. His technique for improvement is taking new challenges each time: “New challenges are the steps that push me forward to grow”. Vahagn is sure that he would definitely reincarnate as an animal that feels good both in water and air if it were possible.