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the event

Having been actively present in the field since 2006, Deem Communications has always been well-known for its events, that allow for space for thought and creation. Throughout the years, DeeM has mastered the art of gathering thought-leaders and generation of various platforms that allow the professionals to network, engage, share, and most importantly self-discover. This year DeeM is taking over the renewing of the tradition of taking the initiative and inviting representatives from internationally famous communication companies to Armenia to help make the much-desired communications event a reality. Through a recent rebranding, Deem Communications presents itself to the public with a new vision and image, and since, the tech industry has become one of the company’s priorities, today we are offering yet another opportunity for the C-level community, Generation N-ers, to come together, share ideas and thoughts, and build a better ecosystem for all of us.

generation N

With the world waking up to the COVID-19 crisis in March 2020, the trajectory of consumerism shifted, accelerating toward digital experiences in the twinkling of an eye. The repercussive effect of the pandemic served as a great accelerant; the e-commerce penetration revved by 10 years in just three months. Conditioned by the outcomes, people were forced to transform and adapt to satisfy their needs; begetting digital permanence. Experts refer to this disruptive consumer segment as Generation N (Novel), a new and unusual division characterized by digital behaviors, evolving precedencies, and expected outcomes. The author of the Gen N concept, Brian Solis, believes that with their emergence, the demand for accelerating digital initiatives has recorded an all-time high; customers are more digitally literate and versed. Their preferences have been shaped by the pandemic, and the majority of them considers themselves “digitally savvy.” Meaning that the digital experiences must be engineered to meet the expectation of the consumers, rather than sticking to customary and traditional methods. Generating digital versions of traditionally in-person experiences has also become the key to satisfying the demand of the current cohort of employees as well.

Gen N is also driving new demand for personalization, they feel the need to customize their workplace to suit individual preferences. Taking note of the world as it is today, decision-makers, have to utilize a combination of communications and technology to ensure efficiency and a smooth workflow, balancing choice of technology and flexibility with security. Touchpoints, communications, and the vision of the brand have to be reimagined for a digital-first world, digital-first expectations, and standards. The new and advanced pillars must reflect customer safety, values, trustworthiness, and the role you’ll play in the betterment of society.

Touchpoints, communications and the vision of the brand have to be reimagined for a digital-first world, digital-first expectations, and standards.

why now

In recent times, the companies in the tech field in Armenia have been recording fast growth, and with that, every so often, the communications aspect became more important as they face scarcity of talent. The latter can often lead to a lack of employee branding and brand awareness, and involve new investments. This event will serve as a bridge for tech companies to refine their communication strategies, by consuming the insights provided by the communication specialists from abroad and learning the trends, nuances, new tools and tactics.

why DeeM

DeeM has utilized international communication trends and solved client communications issues for over 16 years. It has also been the organizer of PR Summit in Armenia since 2014 for 4 consecutive years. Now with a reinvigorated vision, DeeM specializes in tech communications, and wants to position itself as the communications ambassador of the Armenian tech companies in Armenia, the USA, the UK, the UAE, and Europe.

November 5, 2022

Museum of Ararat Yerevan
Brandy Company


Tech Industry decision-makers,
C-level professionals in Armenia and the region
invitation only event

sessions and durations

Talk from international speaker 1 x 30 m
Panel discussions 3 x 40 m

key speaker
Suresh Raj

Suresh Raj

Global Chief Growth Officer | Virtue | a Vice media group company

With over 20 years of experience, Suresh Raj is a Growth & Business Transformation Executive, with a passion for nurturing and inspiring his team to reach new heights in the business world and developing long-lasting relationships with clients.

Armen R. Kherlopian

Armen R. Kherlopian

Chief Science and Innovation Officer | Covenant Venture Capital

Dr. Armen Kherlopian is a world renowned scientist and investor. His investment activity with BAJ, Mount Global and Covenant spans from Pre-Seed to Pre-IPO. As a scientist he often leads technical due diligence, with stand out startup examples including: Scylla, Bitvore, Embodied, Cognaize and Otonomi. Moreover, he currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of TRISH, the NASA backed institute that focuses on space health and is a consortium across MIT, Caltech and the Baylor College of Medicine. Armen completed his M.S. and B.S. in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Algorithms at Columbia University. He earned a Ph.D. in Biophysics with a focus on Machine Learning from Cornell University and completed a fellowship in High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence at Princeton University.

Artyom Harutyunyan

Artyom Harutyunyan

Web3 Evangelist | Blockstars

Early stage blockchain adopter, web3 evangelist, cofounder at web3 Armenia, founder at Blockstars biggest web3 development company in Armenia, entrepreneur.

Madlene A.  Minassian

Madlene A. Minassian

Head of Learning and Development | Picsart

Madlene Minassian is passionate about learning and development, and founded Picsart University after leading multiple teams within the company. She is currently working on her doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Human Resources Development.

Raffi Niziblian

Raffi Niziblian

Creative Director | Creator of Dreams | Deem Communications
Senior Comms Expert | Team Lead | Communicating EU-Armenia Cooperation

Raffi is passionate about communications and innovation. His creative spirit challenges people to do and be better. As the founder of a strat-com agency, he thrives on inspiring all those whom he collaborates with. Raffi believes in Hope-Based Communications and shares his thoughts with anyone interested about improving the future.

Stephany Sanossian

Stephany Sanossian

NFT/ Visual Artist

Stephany Sanossian is an Armenian/Syrian visual artist based in Dubai,UAE. She has a Master's Degree in Research for Design and Innovation at Elisava in Barcelona, Spain.
She resides in Dubai, UAE, and works as a freelance Design consultant for startups and entrepreneurs.
She dives into the NFT world and had a successful start in that journey. She was the first artist to display her work in the nifty souq (the first Arab platform in the MENA region)

Viktoria Khechumyan

Viktoria Khechumyan

CEO at Nooor, web 3.0 consulting company.

Viktoria has a keen passion for all things web3. As the CEO of Nooor she has been working with crypto projects and startups since 2018. Web 3.0 proponent, crypto enthusiast and agilist.

Maeghan Smulders

Maeghan Smulders

VP People & Operations | Conduit

Maeghan is an operator and investor with a passion for storytelling and technology. Wearing many hats within early-stage startups and venture capital firms, she has found creative ways to scale direct-to-consumer products, raise capital, build global teams, and drive comprehensive GTM plans. She has written an award-nominated academic paper on entrepreneurship, published a children’s book, and is a mentor and community connector for women and minorities in tech.

Anastasia Elaeva

Anastasia Elaeva

Global Development Director | musicAeterna orchestra and choir conducted by Teodor Currentzis

Anastasia Elaeva is a cultural strategist with more than 10 years of experience in PR and communications, fundraising and creative partnerships. She is the author of two international research reports on brands’ partnerships with the arts, lecturer and curator of the “International Strategies in Art Business” program at the Moscow School of Contemporary Art / British Higher School of Art and Design. Prior to joining musicAeterna, Anastasia worked as a consultant at Grayling (Moscow) and VOX Global (Indianapolis, IN). She is currently the Executive Master Candidate in Luxury Management at the SDA Bocconi School of Management (Milan).

Dr. Lara Tcholakian

Dr. Lara Tcholakian

Executive Leader | Researcher | Lecturer

Dr. Lara Tcholakian is an executive leader with expertise in organizational behavior and change management. She holds a Doctorate from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam's School of Business and Economics where she currently teaches and conducts research on leadership and collective trauma. She has lived and worked in Canada, France, Peru, Sri Lanka, and is currently based in Armenia.

David Bequette

David Bequette

Director of Sales and Business Development | ACX international

David is an entrepreneur, Web3 and crypto enthusiast, with nearly two decades of experience in customer service, marketing strategies and leadership. He currently serves as the Director of Business Development for ACX International, assisting some of the world’s top crypto platforms to provide the absolute best customer support, community management and compliance support.

Arin Keshishian

Arin Keshishian

Communications Consultant

Arin Keshishian is a strategist, movement builder and communications consultant who partners with governments, NGOs and political organizations to develop systems for communications, growth, and victory. A recent repat, Arin has worked in the United States, Europe and Armenia.


15:00 - 15:15

​Welcome and Intro

Welcome, Event IntroArmine Zakaryan, Raffi Niziblian

15:15 - 15:45

Keynote Speech

Creativity & Comms Solutions in TechSuresh Raj

15:50 - 16:30

Panel Discussion - 1

Talent, Culture and a Response to the "Great Resignation"Suresh Raj, Maeghan Smulders, Madlene Minsayan, Moderator - Dr. Lara Tcholakian

16:35 - 17:15

Panel Discussion - 2

Communicating in times of Global CrisisAnastasia Elaeva, Dr. Armen Kherlopian, Raffi Niziblian, Moderator - Arin Keshishian

17:20 - 18:00

Panel Discussion - 3

Tech Talk : Finding Your Place on Web3Stephanie Sanossian, Artyom Harutyunyan, Viktoria Khechumyan, Moderator - David Bequette

18:05 - 18:10

Closing Remarks

Deem Communications

18:15 - 19:00

Networking / Cocktail

Ararat Yerevan Brandy Company

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