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Event for the CaseWorX Team

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2020 | Recapping a working year in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic seems something impossible. Nevertheless, it was reasonably achievable for the CaseWorX team. Recognizing videoconferencing as an opportunity to interact with colleagues from different corners of the world, CaseWorX kept up with the online trend. As a result, they came up with the idea of a remote event. Deem Communications experts were excited to turn such a unique corporate event idea into reality. Deem has proved that having fun is possible regardless of the pandemic circumstances. It also served as a great example of crisis management in times of an unexpected pandemic that took over the world.  As the clock struck the exact hour, almost thirty employees synchronously engaged in a cheerful contest. The participants played Scavenger Hunt adapted to the online mode. They took a professional quiz to test their knowledge. It followed another one to learn the least known facts about worldwide celebrities. Eventually, the participants, who accumulated higher scores, won special prizes on behalf of their organization. The event, happening in the blink of an eye, served as an enjoyable pastime for the participants. They managed to recognize their hard work, make friends with their foreign colleagues and socialize. Most importantly, they corroborated that COVID-19 is not able to impact the cheer.

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