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Byblos Bank Armenia

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2008 – 2019 |  As the official PR & Marketing Agency of Byblos Bank Armenia, we have provided a wide range of services to increase its presence in the Armenian marketplace. From product development to promotion. From branding to CSR and sponsorship. DEEM has been the creative energy behind the bank’s growing marketshare. Thus, Byblos Bank has expanded with two more branches in 2020. 

DEEM has created advertising for several Housing Loan advertising campaigns that is the main product of the bank. These campaigns have put BBA on the top echelons of the mortgage providers in Armenia. Therefore, through the close collaboration with the Byblos Bank Group communications team in Lebanon, DEEM has ensured the brand consistency throughout the branches, the website and its online presence. Hence positioning it as a top of mind bank in the marketplace.

Older Days

Since 2008, BBA’s image has been associated to the popular international sporting football games. DEEM ensured brand awareness ads and presence during FIFA and EuroCup games. In 2012, BBA was the first bank in Armenia to have introduced the Energy Efficiency Loan in cooperation with IFC. Therefore, DEEM conceived and launched a successful comprehensive marketing and PR campaign.  When the Vanadzor branch opened back in 2009, DEEM implemented a full marketing and promotion campaign. A public event, including the famous local band Lav Eli was featured. Our event management team turned the concert into an unforgettable experience for the people in Vanadzor.

More Recent Achievements

For the launching of their official Facebook page, our SMM planned and executed a public photo contest entitled “Discover Armenia from the Inside”. Ever since, the Facebook page has grown and contains a variety of genres of content from product and brand awareness to engagement and feedback opportunities. Given the call to repatriation of its diaspora through recent calls of the Prime Minister of Armenia, DEEM offered a visual concept and digital marketing plan for the Repat Loan product that would enable non-citizen residents access housing loan of BBA. Besides its operations in Armenia, Byblos Bank operates in 12 countries within the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. This is what 10 years of Agency-Client relationship looks like.”

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