Byblos Bank Armenia

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2008 – 2019

When we all help one another, everybody wins! Byblos Bank Group operates in 12 different countries in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa- the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Nigeria, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Armenia. 2012 was marked by BBA becoming the first bank in Armenia to introduce energy efficiency loan in cooperation with IFC, for which DEEM developed and launched a comprehensive communication campaign.

Although DEEM has provided services to BBA since 2008 it was in 2010 when DEEM has become the official PR & Marketing Agency of the Byblos Bank Armenia. From then this cooperation turned into a constantly evolving creative partnership. We provide a large scope of services to the BBA including strategic consultancy, PR and advertising, marketing and creative solutions as well as event and website management support.

DEEM and BBA has collaborated in promoting and offering the Bank’s customers quality products such as housing loan, small business loan, personal loan and eco-renovation loan. DEEM has refurbished the corporate website of Byblos Bank Armenia and supports with its maintenance.