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Clean Armenia Campaign

public relations

Clean Armenia is a private-public partnership nationwide social campaign. The aim was to raise public awareness of the importance and benefits of waste clean-up in the country. For the campaign, DEEM managed relations with more than 25 stakeholders. Moreover, DEEM was leading the campaign in all ways. Starting from organizing the meetings to planning the strategy and implementing. Our team has cooperated with other organizations in the field, with media, such as TVs, radios. In particular, media and production companies developed and implemented the nationwide marketing plan, incorporating project promotion in regional media and Yerevan. The scope of the Clean Armenia communications campaign also included nationwide media relations and social media management. Not only that but DEEM also coordinated the relations with the focal point of the Prime Minister’s office. Together with liaises the functions and communication of all entities. Within the framework of the campaign, our team has worked on generating visuals that were later on used for billboards and the slogan as well. The campaign might be over now, but people are still using our slogan frequently. People are using the visuals on social media platforms to raise awareness about the issue. All that is left to say is that actions speak louder than words. 

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