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“Stories From Armenia” European Union

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2018 | “Stories from Armenia” is a project where words matter. To describe this creative project in a few words: “The Stories That Moved Us in 2018”. Stories From Armenia is a medium-size book with a minimalist hand-drawn style cover. It has bold typography and eye-catching colorful illustrations consisting of 12 adventure stories. The characters of the story are mainly young people who strive to make a change; they are positive about the future, yet, like any human being, have their weaknesses and shortcomings. Moreover, the twelve adventure stories demonstrate how they live, create, lose, love, evolve, and embrace challenges and opportunities. These stories are fictional narratives about different initiatives and EU support projects, which sparked positive changes in the lives of the characters. Some of the fields are business, women in business, women empowerment, youth empowerment, and education. 

Our Work

Besides conceptualizing the book, DEEM Communications has organized the launch of the book as well. The former EU ambassador Piotr Switalski, along with various other EU representatives, CSO representatives were present at the event. To enliven the book, the venue featured a setup of a gazebo that looked a lot like the one in the district where the main character lived. Fiction is always a good tool for explaining purposes. Therefore, our team has worked on producing a book accessible for all the targets to match all the tastes, age groups, and backgrounds. The stories have been written in a friendly and captivating way that makes the reader immerse in the book and image all the described scenes.  Deem Communication was chosen by the European Union to lead and implement the whole production process of the book, from scratches to the book presentation, from developing the concept of the book to the design. Additionally, this is one of our team’s favorite projects. Thus, we made it taking into account the publishing challenges of modern days. You can read the stories published in the book here.

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