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Gyumri City Branding

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D2017 – on going What makes a city stand out? Places are powerful. They connect us to one another in ways that the virtual world cannot. Neighborhoods, cities and nations create tangible energy and excitement. City branding presents the pulse of a place to the global stage, allowing for identity introduction or preserving its reputation. Creating an image that sums up a city is undeniably tricky as, unlike a corporate logo, a city logo must take into account a whole range of social and economic factors. Diversity and problems define the modern city, that will inevitably arise when anyone attempts to combine this into a single idea that will be judged by the hundreds of thousands of people that live and work there. In 2017, following a 16-month city branding project initiated by Deem Communications, the agency divulged its concept for Gyumri. DEEM created a full scope research and outreach with the population of the city, the country and its diaspora. Having conversed with them on and offline, it put together a brand identity with logo and a 2-year development strategy. DEEM fully funded the project and considers it as a part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR). The beneficiary in this case is the Gyumri Municipality and the State Tourism Committee.

The concept is interpreted based on six main directions that build the architecture of the brand: Architecture, Champions, Beer, IT, Art & Crafts, Spirit (dialect, humor and people).

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