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HIV Awareness Raising Campaign

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2020 | The social media campaign raises awareness about HIV/AIDS related topics among urban labor migrants in Armenia. The illustrated characters, Anush and Garnik, tell a family story and convey the campaign key messages. All the elements of the HIV Awareness Raising Campaign are part of the storytelling. They are connected to the concepts familiar to the target segment. The visual identity and logo represent home that symbolizes safety and protection. The social pages name “Sincere talk,” in Armenian “Անկեղծ ասած,” came from an expression that people use in casual speech a lot whenever they want to be more open and honest about the topic they are talking about. The platform opened up discussions about taboo and unspoken topics in Armenia. The communication activities implemented during the campaign aimed to contribute to a better understanding of the issues and available solutions; provide accessible and trustworthy information and quality guidance to encourage people to take action. The hope-based communication, storytelling techniques, modern tools such as vlogs, giveaways, quizzes, live stories and memes contributed to the interest of the SM pages and positive behavior change. As a strategic communications agency, Deem Communications has developed the campaign social media strategy, visual identity and branding as well as has led the campaign planning, design and implementation throughout social media. DEEM has also provided content development, character development, promotion, video production services. The overall aim was to ensure the visibility and success of the HIV awareness raising campaign.

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