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HSBC Armenia

public relations

2014 – ongoing | HSBC is prominent in successfully positioning itself as a multinational banking and financial services holding company that understands different perspectives and local cultures. In 2014 HSBC Armenia contracted DEEM Communications for providing media relations and communications services for the company. Year by year, this cooperation turned into a solid partnership. DEEM is currently cooperating with HSBC Armenia fostering working relations with major media outlets. As well as covering the banking industry to ensure earned media coverage and mentions. Moreover, DEEM periodically initiates media events which enable to strengthen ties with the media and ensure wider media coverage. DEEM also conducts research and provides media monitoring and reporting services for them. Our cooperation is focused on strategic communication. We work on providing them a media analysis while analyzing the sentiment and making sure that no problems have arisen. DEEM also works on issues management, crisis communication, and practicing effective communication, ensuring that an issue will not become a crisis. Throughout the years, we have initiated different interviews to promote the positioning of the bank and raise awareness to boost the bank’s image. Our service is more of an image positional and promotional tool for HSBC Armenia rather than a marketing and sales one. We are generating thematic analytical pieces in order to show what they have done so far for the community. Through those, we highlight their CSR component. The aim is to portray HSBC Armenia as a leading international bank that operates according to the best international practice. HSBC Armenia has been a trendsetter in Armenia that has introduced the community’s best international trends and insights. 

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