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Norogi Resource Center

strategic marketing

2018| Habitat Armenia has initiated a new project – a resource hub called Norogi Resource Center. The aim of the project was to improve low and middle-income families’ living conditions by providing them access to low-cost furniture, household goods, and building materials – new and used, remodeled, and refurbished. Therefore, Deem joined this amazing project with its full-service package. We provided the project with marketing and communication strategy, brand development, and digital digest. As well as interior and exterior branding, audio/video production, website design, and launch. Our team has thoroughly worked on the development of the visual concept, identity development, logo creation, naming, thought out the slogan. As well as produced audio and video materials for TV stations, radio stations, designed the uniform. In this short video, the audience gets to hear and see all about the Norogi Resource Center. It is a short tutorial on how the Centre works. It informs the audience that when people donate worn-out furniture the craftsmen repair it there. As a result, low-income families can get them with a discount. Norogi is a social enterprise that has been created by Habitat for Humanity Armenia. European Union is supporting it. Lastly, our team has developed a marketing and crowdfunding strategy for them. Our team has executed consulting sessions throughout the year, helping them understand the enterprise development.

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