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Saint Sarkis

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2021 – Saint Sarkis the General or Sergius Stratelates is revered as a military saint in the Armenian Apostolic Church. The name Sarkis is the Armenian form of Sergius. Sargis was a general in the Roman Army stationed in Cappadocia. Saint Sarkis Cathedral is an Armenian cathedral in Yerevan, Armenia. It is the seat of the Araratian Pontifical Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It was built in 1842, on the left bank of the Hrazdan River in Yerevan’s Kentron District.  

About the campaign
Deem Communications has proudly taken on the challenge of building a new brand for the San Diego Armenian community. The task involved researching the features of this dynamic and diverse diaspora. These features will be highlighted as a unique brand within the Armenian networks but also among the entire San Diego society. The inspiration of designer for this concept comes from the sea, the mountains… The Author of brand is Deem Communications. Third parties can download the logo and use accordingly. Any replication of this brand’s visual or conceptual presentation may lead to legal actions. It is prohibited to alter the usage without prior written consent of the managing party. This brand and the document containing all brand guidelines were created by Deem Communications. The creative license belongs solely to San Diego Armenian Church and Community Center.

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