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Workfront Armenia Corporate Event

event management

2018| Workfront is a US-based company that develops web-based management software that features enterprise work management, issue tracking, and more. Since 2008, Workfront Armenia has become the largest Workfront site outside of the U.S.. At the end of 2018, they trusted our events team to organize their annual corporate event. Workfront wanted to have  fun, have a fantastic team-building experience, a fabulous party, and in general enjoy each others’ company. Therefore, DEEM put together a unique event that included teaser activities in Yerevan and extended to a retreat space in Tsakhkadzor, creating an unforgettable team-building experience for the entire Workfront Armenia employees. The activities involved the inception of team games, quest, leisure, visual recording, logistics. Garik Papoyan, a famous Armenian actor, musician, and comedian, was the event’s host. There was more that culminated with an unprecedented corporate New Year party. The happy faces of more than 100 team members was the reward we were hoping for. Moreover, DEEM Communications also shoot two videos for Workfront. The first one was the pre-event video, where the employees were having fun with each other at their Christmas-style decorated office. The second video showed the fun that the employees had. In the footage, you can see the games they have played outside, the awards they have received, and the joy they have experienced from the leisure activities. 

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