Account manager/SMM

Anna is “the social media girl” on DEEM. She is looking for new feelings and discoveries everywhere. She welcomes challenges and embraces constant learning. She is passionate about transcending cultural boundaries and thrives in diverse environments. Anna loves taking roads less travelled. Living a full life is what motivates her.

What does she enjoy most at DEEM?  “All projects we do at DEEM are different from one another. At DEEM, you are never bored and you keep always growing. Every new project brings new challenges. Therefore you need to constantly update your skill set.” 

Anna is a girl of bold principles. You can never get along with her if you have cheating habits (even if you are a fan of tiny innocent white lies). She would immediately see you through; straightforwardness is the only option if you are going to collaborate with her. Anna is upfront— she won’t pull any fake facade over her face. If she’s nice, she’s nice. If she’s not, you will definitely notice. She won’t pull a “nice girl’s mask’ to distract you because she values relationships that are built on trust and honesty.

Although Anna is the one who develops SMM strategies at DEEM and schedules posts for various social media platforms on a daily basis, she states: “You never know…One can never rely on plans”! That’s why she tries to embrace the moment and squeeze the best of it every day.  For Anna, the toughest thing in life is dealing with disappointment in those whom you loved and trusted. Her personal heroes are her cousin and her Mommy.

Although she doesn’t like cats she is sure that she would definitely reincarnate as a cat if it were a chance. And, yup, she has a superpower- it’s her ability to fly and to turn invisible.