6 Sose Street, suite 2, Yerevan 0019, Armenia + 374 11 54 72 11




Armine Zakaryan is the driving force and CEO at DeeM, who stands as an unparalleled luminary within the organization. With an extensive tenure since 2011, Armine became the go-to authority for addressing complex inquiries. Meticulous, attentive, and highly responsible, Armine ensures team leadership and big-picture understanding. Armine’s distinguishing trait is her unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations. Consistently going the extra mile, she infuses a spirit of excellence that affects every aspect of DeeM’s operations. With over 20 years in the industry, her ability to deliver flawless project management and client satisfaction is unwavering. Loyalty and persistence define her tireless work ethic in overcoming complex challenges. Her dedication to work is rooted in the belief that the services provided by DeeM go beyond typical business projects – they have the power to influence, uplift, and bring about positive change in the wider community.   Languages: English, Russian, Armenian
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