6 Sose Street, suite 2, Yerevan 0019, Armenia + 374 11 54 72 11



Inspiration Genius

The only person, who has all answers to all questions you might have in this world, is definitely Armine. Having joined DEEM back in 2011, she is now the Director of the agency and is probably the one whom DEEMers address with all kinds of questions during the day. Meticulous, careful and extremely responsible, she ensures that all of our projects run smoothly and that all clients are satisfied. Sharing empathy, vision and discipline, she makes sure that DEEM spirit is up all the time. One of the features we highly value in Armine is her desire to go above and beyond the needs and expectations. Rather than just doing enough to get the job done, she strives for more and always goes the extra mile. Two words that will describe DEEM’s Director best are diligence and persistence: diligence is the drive to work hard at whatever she is focusing on, and persistence is the drive to continue working when things get tough. Remembering her favourite project with Armine, Tatevik (PR Director at DEEM) shares the precious moments, “We did the Renault test-drive together. Armine knew how to drive and I had no idea, but she made it a great ride for me. She is a brilliant person in all the possible ways and I am very happy to work with her”. What Armine does perfectly is driving and managing several tasks simultaneously. Her baked cakes are our favourites of all time.
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