6 Sose Street, suite 2, Yerevan 0019, Armenia + 374 11 54 72 11




Cynthiana is the operational maestro steering the ship of efficiency at DeeM. As the Office Manager, Cynthia’s domain extends across a diverse spectrum of administrative tasks, providing invaluable support to both the dedicated staff and management at DeeM. Her responsibilities encompass everything from addressing day-to-day challenges to making informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of the organization. Cynthia’s approach to task prioritization is a masterpiece of finesse. Known for her ingenuity, Cynthia excels in problem-solving and acts as a supportive figure for the team. Her ability to navigate challenges with grace and offer assistance where needed fosters a positive and collaborative work environment. She not only addresses the immediate needs of the office but also innovates with strategic solutions that elevate office efficiency to new heights. In Cynthia’s capable hands, DeeM operates like a well-oiled machine, where every detail is considered, and every operation runs seamlessly. Languages: English, Persian, Armenian
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