Abstract Concepts Guru

For Karine, the secret to happiness is creativity, humour, and helping others. A determined person, she is willing to go the extra few miles to help others as often as possible. “My heroes are the people who believe in something, know what they want (it is super easy to figure out what you don’t want, but try to list things you do) and go for it no matter what. “My heroes are the fearless people who risk saving others, something risky and hard”. Among the things she loves about herself is the ability to play with words, create things out of rubbish and always learn and try new things.

“At DEEM, everyone has qualities I appreciate – the speed, the ability to focus, confidence, professionalism and responsibility combined with lightheartedness and ability to play”.

Karine is not able to do anything against her will. “I will literally get sick if I do anything that I am not passionate about or something that is against my spirit and values”. She hates double standards and inauthenticity in people. Karine is running a secret blog that has only one subscriber.

“Huge amount of great work is being done every day. No one complains! (Well, I do. Sometimes).  People deal with the load and intensity of the work with an ease and positive attitude. The bigger the Elephant the funnier is the process!”

 One of her biggest dreams is to establish a happy retirement home somewhere in the countryside. “Old people are not always weak and sick, most of them are also patient and wise, full of energy and happy to work and create. I want it to be kind of an exciting open community where everyone will have a special role and responsibilities. An animal shelter will be there too…”

When I share this idea people ask me “What about the cemetery?” I very much like the idea of planting trees instead of tombstones. When I die, I want a linden and a small plate saying “Here sleeps a fairy”.