6 Sose Street, suite 2, Yerevan 0019, Armenia + 374 11 54 72 11



Conjurer of Planning

Driven by tangible results, Kristine believes that one should never stop learning and searching for new information. She has been interested in working with DEEM for a while, as she was always fascinated with the work of communications agencies. “I saw the opportunity, and I seized it. I love the fast-moving life and rhythm of it and that you have to be more flexible with the variety of clients.” With a life motto of “always strive to achieve more”, Kristine is always learning, which can be seen throughout her academic career. She received her bachelor’s degree from the YSU, the Spanish branch of Romance, and the Germanic Philology faculty. Later, she got a master’s degree from the AUA in the Political Science and International Affairs (MPSIA) department, then completed another one in the department of Communications Management, with a PR minor at the University of Technology in Sydney. Putting it all together to practice, she became the communications head of a complicated large-scale project in the renewable energy field. “In 2017, I made another attempt to work with DEEM when I was about to move from Iran to Armenia; however, my trip got postponed.” Kristine loves to travel; however, in the world we live in now, she loves spending her free time with friends, as she values quality time the most. She claims that people either take her as she is and love her at first sight or take years to try to understand her and usually fail. 
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