Graphic Designer

If I were to describe Lilit – the graphic designer at DEEM in 3 words I would put it this way: “Cool, Calm and Reserved”. Lilit is sure that she has inherited these traits from her mother, who is the greatest source of inspiration for her. While stubbornness and persistence are features that hail from her father’s side, creativity and imagination are features inherited from her mother, grandmother and grand-grandmother.

The family-like atmosphere of the DEEM is what Lilit enjoys most of all at DEEM. The sense of respect and belief amongst the DEEMers is what she appreciates and highly values here. Hard working traits are the qualities that she appreciates in other people most of all. Lilit says that becoming a DEEMer is one of her biggest accomplishments so far.

One of the unique character traits of Lilit is that she is a huge fan of deadlines. Yup, yup, you are right! She is that  “No Panic, Please” girl at the office when the world is turning upside down, everyone is juggling emails and rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make their voice heard at a stressful meeting.

Lilit is a huge fan of surrealist literature and if she is not at the office she either spends time with friends and family or is busy reading surrealist literature. She would definitely reincarnate as a dog if she had a chance and her superpower is being able to travel back in time.