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Pencil Priestess

“I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and I always try to see what each experience is teaching me.” Mary’s first encounter with DEEM was a two-month online internship in 2020. Later on, after receiving a job offer, she combined her studies with work. “DEEM is the place where I realized my potential and my passion for writing and creating.” Having graduated from the American University of Armenia with a BA in English & Communications, Mary is enthusiastic about a few things, one of them being writing. It all began when she started doing volunteer work and became the board president of the Armenian branch of the LA-based NGO called End No Sleep. Her past work experience, where she had to generate texts for social media platforms, has led her to be more involved in writing. “I used to be an introvert my whole life, and at the core, I still am, however, realizing that it would not be a great match with my chosen profession, I learned how to become an extrovert for the cases where I have to.” Being an introvert implies being relatively closed off, and writing is one of the ways she chooses to express herself. Mary claims that Deem Communications has given her space and opportunity to grow and work on her skills and understand where she wants to invest her energy. Quite frequently described as calm and serene, Mary is passionate about yoga, especially aerial yoga, which brings peace to her mind, and she considers it the most effective stress reliever. “It’s not a hobby, but rather a lifestyle. It helps manage my thoughts better.” Mary also finds joy in skiing and sitting on top of the mountain in silence. Listening to music, reading books, making candles, and writing poems are other activities that bring her serenity.
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