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Creator of Dreams

Raffi is the driving force behind the creative energy of DEEM. He does almost everything at DEEM- he thinks, creates, motivates, inspires, collaborates and manages. If anyone is in search of some creativity and inspiration, Raffi, the Founder and Creative Director at DEEM, has plenty of them to give away. The algorithm is simple: you stand next to him, you listen, you get inspired and then you go and create. Describing Raffi in one word, DEEMers say, “Doer” and that is what you understand while working with Raffi for a while. He works all the time. “Working is what defines me”. Although Raffi holds a degree in Communications Studies and Community Economic Development from Concordia University and has created DEEM after having worked as a Program Director for the Land and Culture Organization, and later on as a Commercial Manager for VivaCell MTS, his ultimate passion is arts and creativity. His mother was the driving force for him to inspire his passion for creativity, arts and crafts. Raffi considers his greatest accomplishment the decision to move to Armenia from Montreal with his family. “Everything has changed since then. In many ways, this was a turning point for me, both professionally and personally. I have found ideological friends in Armenia with who we have shared values and visions”.  Raffi is someone who cares about his family and friends a lot, never forgetting about creativity and some nice food. The biggest challenge he is currently dealing with is coping with his 3 teenage kids simultaneously trying both not to ruin their lives, inner processes and his own health. In Raffi’s life, it is not only about creativity. He is a passionate human rights advocate, who takes actions on behalf of people with mental health problems, children/youth and victims of international conflicts. Raffi is a natural born communicator and he communicates both within the team, our partners and clients delivering transparency, authenticity, and clarity by transferring his optimism and vision to others. And what is more important he expects the same in return.

 This is the attitude towards work that inspires the team to think and act in ways that drive tangible results. Raffi is sure that he would definitely reincarnate as a dolphin if it were possible. And, yup, he has got a superpower- it’s his ability to turn invisible.  
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