6 Sose Street, suite 2, Yerevan 0019, Armenia + 374 11 54 72 11



Senior Comms Expert

Sona is the maestro in research, creative writing, and translation. Sona’s journey with DeeM has been marked by her continuous growth and mastery of skills in digital media and video production. She has successfully managed diverse multimedia projects for esteemed partners such as UNICEF, the European Union, and the Council of Europe. Sona is recognized for her constant dedication to delivering exceptional results. In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital media and video production, she has emerged as a leader and highly responsible team player, continually learning to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Sona’s commitment to harmony, support, and inner balance is unwavering. Beyond her professional exterior, Sona’s true passions lie in the realms of history and arts, while her secret hobby is none other than workaholism. Drawing inspiration from various sources, she leaves a noticeable mark on each project, infusing it with her creative touch.  Languages: Armenian, English, Spanish, Russian.
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