PR director

Tatevik is a communication strategist who applies spiritual principles to public relations and communication. While being an expert in publicity strategist and reputation designer, Tatevik is an almost natural born enthusiast for sciences, alternative and experiential methodologies in spirituality, mind-body, energetic, and multi-cultural philosophical disciplines.

Tatevik is the communication and strategy wizard of DEEM. She has grown with DEEM as PR professional by contributing her broad experience in an academic setting as well as her expertise in public awareness and health education.

What she most of all likes about being a member of the DEEM community are the principles and values of DEEM set by the founder Raffi as well as by the multiple generations of DEEMers. She has been one of those pioneers within the DEEM team who shifted the concept of PR into a more strategic mode.

What she values most of on DEEM is that PR as a profession is respected here, understood and communicated to the client. She loves the diversity of personalities that work here but most of all she enjoys the fact that DEEM is not only positioning itself but is also working hard to really improve the industry of communication in Armenia. “At the end, it’s all about building trust!”

Tatevik doesn’t define life in terms of achievements but in terms of processes that one is going through. It’s all about learning how to cultivate empathy and love without selfishness. Tatevik believes that forgiveness is a powerful thing and a catalyst for change: “Forgiveness a necessary step toward wholeness and a true connection with your True Self.”