Tigran speaks 10 languages! Do I need to add anything else? Is it an addiction? Maybe it’s just insanity? Shhhhh! Nobody knows! Well, let’s go ahead. Besides being a polyglot Tigran has his second degree in History Studies and, yup, there is definitely logic behind the nickname “Tikipedia” he received at DEEM.

Whether it is writing stories or fact sheets, editing documents or translations in various genres, interviewing or developing engaging and fun content from zero to hero we all run to Tigran from all units of DEEM. Shortly, he is a text guru of the DEEM.

Well, besides all these superpowers Tigran is also well known as food archaeologist, cooking nerd and youtube veteran.

What he enjoys most of all about being a part of a DEEM community is the unique ability of the team to deal with critical situations, to come together and work wonders under tight deadlines. “At these critical moments when we all work together magic happens and this gives us a second breath”.

There are two qualities he admires most in others: storytelling and taking the risk. “It might sound a cliche but it’s definitely true that risk taken is half the success”.