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Domestic Violence Law Campaign

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Raising Awareness on Domestic Violence (DV) Law was a campaign done by DEEM Communications. The purpose was to raise awareness of the general public and decision-makers about the importance of the legal framework. Henceforth, it aimed at preventing domestic violence and protecting Armenian citizens from potential harm from the DV cases. The campaign happened through the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia (MoJ) and other stakeholders. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the Armenian citizens on the urgency of adopting the law and its role. As well as show the community the vitality of it. Over the years, various myths and misinformation have been spread about the topic. It served as a way to eliminate any related myths, misinformation, and miscommunication. The campaign promoted traditional Armenian values. This happened through highlighting that historically Armenian families did not have any tolerance for domestic violence. As a result, the campaign instigated a massive discourse on the topic, including it into the public agenda. In addition, the campaign provided opportunities to join efforts for a unified voice against DV. It also urged all those contributing via programmes, projects, activities, campaigns to unify. They carried out different initiatives communicating the umbrella message of the campaign.

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