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Bus Stops : EU4Energy

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Yerevan Welcomes its First Solar-powered Bus Stops On Friday, 7 July, the EU Delegation to Armenia inaugurated the city’s first solar-powered bus stop within the EU Energy Days 2017. The Delegation has initiated the installation of solar panels at two bus stops in Yerevan. The aim of it was to promote the use of renewable energy in the country. Not only that but also to instigate public discussion on the topic. The bus stops are located on two main streets in Yerevan. They enable residents and visitors of Yerevan to charge their phones and other gadgets with solar energy for free. Furthermore, the bus stops are EU branded. They are used to promote campaigns implemented through the support of the EU within the year.

EU4Energy-Bus Stops: Social Media Coverage
Local media widely covered the inauguration of the solar-powered bus stops. Overall, 38 media outlets and six mainstream broadcast media covered it. Moreover, celebrities covered the inauguration of the the solar-powered bus stops on social media. The post on solar-powered bus stops on EUD’s FB page only had 54 630 reach with over 80 373 lifetime post impressions, 1 051 likes, 36 comments, and 97 shares. https://www.facebook.com/eudelegationtoarmenia/posts/1408775719176353 The EU Energy Days in Armenia 2017 campaign aimed to highlight the importance of the EU support for implementing reforms in the energy sector in Armenia and regionally.  The three major themes of the campaign were energy efficiency, energy security, and energy diversification Moreover, the campaign included nine events covering all Marzes of Armenia, social media, media activation, and outdoor activities. The events provided an opportunity to create synergies among EU-funded projects working in different sectors and engage key stakeholders. As a part of the support to the EU Communication on Reforms II project, DEEM Communications experts developed an overarching strategy and campaign. The goal of the campaign was to communicate reforms and projects implemented in the energy sector in Armenia. It also marked the EU4Energy days held in June 2019. Not to mention that the campaign aimed to increase the EU visibility in Armenia, position the EU as support to reforms in the energy sector. Additionally, raise awareness about trends and actions of energy efficiency, security, and diversification in Armenia. DEEM designed the first-ever solar-powered EU branded bus stops in Yerevan and coordinated a series of panel discussions to promote energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in Armenia. Furthermore, the campaign also incorporated multimedia production and media relations. It included nine events taking place anchored around cohesive communication initiatives.

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