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IQ2020 Game by DEEM Communications

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Gamification is a concept in education that aims at increasing learners’ interest and motivation in the learning process. In fact, gamification is not only limited to the field of education. This creative concept has found its usefulness in the fields of communications, advertising, and marketing. Gamification has also served as an inspiration for Deem Communications strategic communications agency experts to launch IQ2020 Game. IQ2020 is a creative solution to raising awareness of the historical and cultural heritage of Armenia and Artsakh. Designed and developed by DEEM, IQ2020 is a gamified platform that invites the player to solve a quiz. The game test one’s knowledge, as well as makes one acquainted with Deem Communications’ expertise and achievements in the field. IQ2020 game has gained favor among both local and diaspora Armenians, and it is available for everyone throughout the world. In this short video that we have put together, you can see the game launch event. At the event our team gave a short presentation about the process of the creation of the game and the overall aim of it. The game is an enjoyable and educational game by nature; therefore, DEEM would be more than happy to develop similar gamified quizzes for the educational institutions in Armenia as well. 

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