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Wizard of Light Bulb Moments

“Give me a problem and I will solve it. It all depends on the angle you look at things”. Yup, this is Anahit- the head of the marketing communications team at DeeM. She has the ability to easily pivot and adapt and switch her entire focus at any point in any project and she does mean it – she embraces every challenge. Anahit is the one who always leads the projects, initiates action and bears responsibility for the outcomes. “90% of success is the work we put in the process”. Anahit optimizes marketing unit’s responsibilities and workflow by making it as effective as possible. She makes sure that the internal spirit of the team is peaceful and that everyone enjoys the process and grows with it on a daily basis. If you wonder what is the driving force behind her efficiency the answer is simple- when she is not working she spends almost all of her time with her 5-year-old son- Nikol. “My son is the greatest source of joy and energy for me”. The core values that Anahit communicates with her son and everyone surrounding her are honesty, sincerity and straightforwardness and she is the easiest going person you can ever imagine. A family is the starting point and the ending point for Anahit. She is thankful to her family for cultivating self-confidence in her since childhood. “There is no single thing that you cannot achieve! All you need is to have vision, sound ambitions and persistence”! This is the philosophy that she has inherited from her family having her parents as vivid examples. Anahit is sure that she would definitely reincarnate as a dolphin if she had a chance. And, yup, she has got a superpower- it’s her ability to turn invisible.
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